A bottle that doesn't drip!

The Best Invention Ever

A bottle that doesn’t drip!

Occasionally at Balans Soho Society we hear of a new invention that makes us want to put down our aprons, stand on a table and loudly cheer. The remarkable Daniel Perlman has invented a bottle that doesn’t drip! Can you imagine how much wine is wasted year on year, simply dribbling away? Perfectly good wine that, by rights, we should be enjoying drinking, not trying to sponge out of our tablecloths. It’s a crime against man and nature that we can barely bring ourselves to think about.

Perlman figured out that by adding one small groove around the lip of the bottle opening he could change the behaviour of the liquid at the end of the pour. Instead of hugging the bottle, the wine fails to bridge the gap and simply falls directly into its intended vessel until it stops coming out entirely.


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