Idle Pleasures

Absinthe Ritual

Absinthe Ritual

In a world of unrelenting toil and turmoil, we find it is the small, idle pleasures that brings most succour. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens – that sort of thing. It’s those occasions where sensuality and conviviality combine and all troubles fall away.

One such is the pleasure we find in watching our Absinthe Ritual.


The classic French ritual involves placing a sugar cube on a flat perforated spoon that rests on the rim of the glass containing a measure of absinthe. Iced water is then, oh so deliciously slowly dripped on to the sugar cube, which begins to dissolve and drip, along with the water, into the absinthe, causing the green liquid to slowly develop into an opaque opalescent white.


We true absintheurs take great care in adding the water. This is the delight. You wait, letting it fall exquisitely slowly, individual drop by individual drop on to the sugar, watching as each bead carves a milky path through the lawn green absinthe below and the flavours and aroma are given time to develop. It demands the time taken. Like all pleasures, it should never ever be rushed.


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