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Was Jimi Hendrix the greatest rock star ever? He certainly revolutionised the way the guitar is played, he was a brilliant musician and performer, an extraordinary songwriter and he always looked fantastic. By those criteria, he was certainly up there. Ironically – the others about whom one might also make such a bold claim – Freddie Mercury and Prince kindly step forward – were both to a greater or lesser degree directly influenced by him. Prince – well, obviously and Freddie apparently spent his days at Ealing School of Art in the late 60s doing nothing but drawing pictures of him. If you disagree that Hendrix is the greatest then it’s harder to argue that he wasn’t at least one of the most influential.

At the end of March and April, The Handel and Hendrix Museum are hosting a series of fascinating sounding hour-long focus sessions for guitar players and music lovers looking at the different ways that Hendrix changed how we think about the electric guitar.

Saturday 23 March 11am-12pm
The Cry of Love

Arguably most of Hendrix’s most iconic music was written and recorded with the Jimi Hendrix Experience for their three essential albums Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold as Love and Electric Ladyland. However, some of Hendrix’s most eclectic and influential music was created outside of the Experience. This talk will take a closer look at this music, that in many ways was the most ahead of its time.

Saturday 27 April 11am-12pm
Hit Record
Guitarist and expert on the Hendrix sound, Nigel Jones will shine a light on some of the innovative recording techniques that Hendrix pioneered and how he used overdubbing to build a much bigger guitar sound.

23 Brook Street, London W1K 4HB

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