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Blueberry Banger Cocktail Recipe

Blueberry Banger Cocktail Recipe

Apparently, recent research at the University of Cincinnati revealed that blueberries may help improve cognitive function and performance, enhance memory as well as helping with access to words and concepts. Plainly those researchers hadn’t thought to involve a good whack of rum in their studies. Possibly if they had they may have found the reverse to be true. Two of these beauties and we can barely remember our own name…

Serves 1


50ml Ron Abuelo Anejo rum

12.5ml grenadine

4 blueberries + 4 more for garnish

3 lime wedges

Crushed ice

Ginger Beer


Put 4 blueberries and the lime into a glass and crush.
Add the crushed ice, grenadine and rum.
Stir and top up the rest of the glass with more crushed ice.
Garnish with blueberries and a pineapple leaf.

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