Coffee Festival


We’ve always taken a rather simple approach to the coffee we serve at Balans Soho Society. We don’t tend to faff about with beans from Yemeni war zones or anything derived from the nether regions of Civet cats – however much their anal glands might impart an ‘elusive musky smoothness’ to the resultant roasted coffee. (*shudder*) No, we just like straightforward, great tasting coffee served at the right temperature and with the occasional leaf pattern drawn in the latte foam.

Occasionally, of course, natural curiosity does overcome us and we do like to explore what’s going on in the seemingly ever-expanding world of coffee. The London Coffee Festival, in what will be its 9th year is returning to The Truman Brewery at the end of March. It’s Europe’s largest gathering of coffee aficionados, with over 250 exhibitors and 30,000 coffee lovers joining the frothy fun over four days. There’ll be latte art workshops, 20 of the UK’s top baristas will be competing in ‘Coffee Masters’ – a test of skill, innovation and creativity and something called ‘Mindful Coffee Tasting’ is promised as well as live music, artisan food and as much caffeine in as many different varieties as you can manage in one go.

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