Time for a Tipple

‘Death’ Comes To The London Design Festival

The London Design Festival, running across the city from 15th – 23 September 2018 celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. We were cock-a-hoop to learn, that this year as part of the festival the home of our latest restaurant, Victoria, had been designated a ‘Design District’. Local businesses will be organising a variety of events & activities to showcase how design plays a part in creating a place like Victoria.

We’re willing to bet, however, that very few other businesses will be celebrating the role of design in quite the same way as Balans Soho Society. To reflect the idiosyncratic interior of our new restaurant in Cardinal Place we’ve created a cocktail called ‘Death In The Morning‘ to honour the dissolute Bohemian lifestyle we hold so dear.


A potent combination of absinthe, (once described as making ‘a ferocious beast of man, a martyr of woman, and a degenerate of the infant’) lemon & Champagne, we heartily recommend it as something of a design for life, (or, indeed, to have with one of our excellent breakfasts if you’re that way inclined).

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