Designs On Your Interior

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Balans Soho Society is an absolute slave to interior design. We do like to keep up with all the latest trends, leading the way in homeware as we do with dolls in bottles of formaldehyde as bar decorations, portraits of ladies enjoying a moment of special alone time on our walls and scale models of 18th Century brothels on our mantels. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard the news that film director Wes Anderson has just released a collection of wallpaper based on the aesthetic of his movies. Balans Soho Society is most definitely now of the mind that everybody in any way involved with the film industry should now be celebrated not with piffling gewgaws like Oscars or prizes at The Cannes Film Festival, but with a variety of household items so we can honour them not just once a year, but every single day.  

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We look forward with some anticipation to Quentin Tarantino being snapped up by John Lewis to put his name to a diffusion line of hand-knotted rugs or the Ridley Scott cushion collection.

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