Honourary Members

Diana Dors

We will forever think of the incandescent Diana Dors as an honorary member of Balans Soho Society. The legendary Blonde Bombshell, Britain’s forerunner to Marilyn Monroe, had talent and sensuality to spare, cornering the market in ‘sex-pots with character’ with a glamour unrivaled during the 1950s and 60s. She starred in a huge range of movies and tv series, but we will always reserve a very special place at our table in tribute to her role as the unhappy prostitute, Vicki in ‘Passport to Shame’ (also known as ‘Room 43’) made in 1958.


Lurid, high on clichés and low on production values, it highlights the tawdry nature of sex work in Soho during the late 50s when apparently there was lust and danger on every street corner. Genuinely a British trash classic, ‘Passport to Shame’ reminds us of a somewhat seedy image of Soho that remains close to our hearts at Balans Soho Society – one that, if we have anything to do with it, will forever stand.

‘I’m the kind of girl that things naturally happen to. When they don’t – I give them a push’
Diana Dors


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