Have We Had The Pleasure?


Meet Emanuele the lovely barman in our Soho restaurant

The very lovely Emanuele has been with Balans Soho Society, man and boy. Starting as a barman in our Soho restaurant, he’s now one of our beloved managers in our Westfield, Shepherds Bush branch. At this rate, he’ll be taking over the entire group in no time.

What’s the favourite age you’ve been so far?
All the time I spent in High School was simply amazing. I met my best friends and my first love. It was a lovely, emotional time. Even the teachers were nice. I woke up in the morning happy to go to school. Can you believe that?

How soon is now?
“I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does” :)

You invent time-travel. Where do you go first?
To the future, like a million years from now. I’d like to see the evolution of the human being or if cats are going to be, as I believe, the next dominant race on earth.

What geometric shape would you most like to be?
An octagon. 8 is my favourite number and the word octagon itself sounds really cool.

Morning? Afternoon? Evening?
Morning: nice coffee and breakfast and then straight out, no wasting time. Overnight should be an option as well.

Window or aisle?
Window. I feel too pushed and closed in an aisle, plus I like to see what’s going on outside from my window.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
Well, as I see it, it’s simply that as much as we think we’ve accomplished during our lives there’s always space for more. Never stop, never think you’ve made it and that’s it – just keep going. Basically, why have a glass if you can have a bottle?

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