Emerge – London Late’s Festival.

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There’s always been ‘something of the night’ about Balans Soho Society. Not in a slightly scary, Michael Howard kind of a way – more with a ‘we’re open all night, let the revelry begin’ type of a vibe. Our café on Old Compton Street is open 24 hours a day and our Soho restaurant just up the road is open until 5am Monday to Thursday, 6am on Friday and Saturday and until 2am on Sundays. We like to think we know a bit about Londoners staying up way after bedtime.

That’s why Emerge – London’s Late’s Festival on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September caught our beady eye. 42 of London’s most famous landmarks and museums are hosting a whole host of after-dark performances, gigs, talks, theatre, dance, DJs and events over 2 nights with everything from Mercury-nominated musical collective (and a big favourite at Balans), Jungle DJ’ing at The National History Museum to a pop up gin bar at The Wellington Arch to a silent disco on Tower Bridge.

Events such as the Vagina Museum joining forces with The Jewish Museum to host workshops and talks focussing on ridding society of the stigma and shame surrounding women’s anatomy and sexuality as well as ‘Sinister Victorian Era Surgery’ at The Old Operating Theatre Museum suggest that the festival will be an unmissable smorgasbord of electrifying talent, ideas and daring-do.

For further details and to book tickets go here

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