ES Devlin’s ‘Memory Palace’ at Pitzhanger Manor, W5

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One of the many, many pleasures of opening our latest restaurant and bar in Dickens Yard, Ealing is that we are now a mere hop, skip and jump from the newly reopened Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery in Mattock Lane, London W5 5EQ.

Built between 1800 and 1804 and formerly the country retreat of the leading architect of the 19th Century, John Soane, it has just undergone a major restoration and has emerged as an absolutely glorious example of his extraordinary work. Pitzhanger Manor Gallery, housed in the library building, an addition to the Manor built in 1939 is intended to house a series of contemporary exhibitions by artists, architects and designers all of which will respond in some way to Soane’s legacy and designs. Given Balans Soho Society’s interest in all things cultural, we could not be more excited that this fantastic space is literally just down the road from our restaurant.

ES Devlin, the incredibly talented interdisciplinary artist best known for her hugely ambitious work that includes designing the brilliant stage sets for Beyonce and Kanye West is amongst the first artists to exhibit there with a piece called ‘Memory Palace’ – a new work that fills the entire 18m gallery space. It’s a huge chronological landscape, a map of both time and space that reveals pivotal shifts in human perspective over 75 millennia. From the Southern African caves where the first cave paintings were discovered to the steps of the Swedish Parliament where Greta Thunberg began her campaign against climate change, to more indistinguishable landmarks such as the house in Kirkcaldy where Adam Smith wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’ or the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, the locations and moments that ES Devlin has chosen are intended to invoke discussion around collective memory and history.

In a manner that definitely resembles Devlin’s work, although working in our chosen medium which would be rather more alcoholic than hers, Balans Soho Society has long found that two or three of our fabulous cocktails often provokes similar, if usually somewhat less rarified debate.

Find our bar in Dickens Yard just off Ealing Broadway, W5 2TD

For further information and to book tickets to see ‘Memory Palace’ visit Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

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