Groove Is In The Heart

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Whoever is in charge of buying Valentine’s Day confectionery for Fortnum and Mason is a person after our own heart, (no pun intended). Why foist a tiny teddy bear clutching a red sateen heart with the words ‘I Wuv Wuv’ spelt out in sequins on the front upon your significant other on the 14th February when you can give them a gingerbread biscuit with an anatomically correct heart lovingly iced on it instead? Sure, it might be a touch literal, but if you’re going to make a romantic gesture then you might as well put an actual heart on the line…

The ‘Unlikely Valentine Heart Iced Biscuit’ is available at for £6 each.

Of course, you know what else is a grand sweeping gesture of love? Taking your partner out for a slap up meal, that’s what. They’ll love you for it.

Join us on the 14th Feb.  Booking advised.

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