Is addiction a legal, moral or health issue? Is it a combination of all three? Hooked, the inaugural exhibition in the new Science Gallery London presents a series of mixed-media installations which aim to reframe the debate around both addiction and recovery and ask serious questions about the way we view addiction.

How and when does want become need?

As the curator, Hannah Redler Hawes says: “We are trying to move it away from being a massively stigmatised or glamourised conversation but one that is an emotional human reality that needs to be reconsidered and challenged.”

By examining addiction through both science and the arts simultaneously, this thought-provoking exhibition provides a really interesting psychological scientific and a cultural perspective. It looks at the social constructs of addiction, how society and our environment influence them and what happens when pleasure from addiction turns into harm.

Science Gallery London, Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9GU

21 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 6 JANUARY 2019

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