Into The Night – Cabaret, Cafés & Clubs


Fashionably late as per, Balans Soho Society has only just caught up with ‘Into The Night: Cabaret and Clubs in Modern Art’ exhibit at the Barbican. Our only excuse is that generally speaking, we’re simply too busy going forth into the night ourselves to visit that side of town. Try as we might, it’s hard to fit everything in.

The show features both famous, infamous and little known sites of the avant-garde – exploring the social and artistic role of cabarets, cafes and clubs  – those creative spaces where artists might exchange all sorts of things – provocative ideas being but one – creating exciting new forms of artistic expression.

Jane Alison, Head of Visual Arts, Barbican, said: “Into the Night casts a spotlight on some of the most electrifying cabarets and clubs of the modern era. Whether a creative haven, intoxicating stage or liberal hangout, all were magnets for artists, designers and performers to come together, collaborate and express themselves freely. Capturing the essence of these global incubators of experimentation and cross-disciplinarity, immersive 1:1 scale interiors will take the visitor on a captivating journey of discovery.”

It’s a fascinating look at collaboration and what can happen when creative people come together to create something fresh and thought-provoking.

We’ve always enjoyed the idea of our restaurant in Old Compton Street being a ‘liberal hangout’ and we’ve long enjoyed the company of some of the most creative people in London – a great many of whom have expressed themselves really quite freely, (possibly a little too freely on some occasions) over the years. In a tiresome world where that appears to be taking more and more umbrage with the celebrating of freedom of expression, it’s something we really need to hold on to if you ask us…

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