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It’s Our Jane

it's our Jane

Jane is an absolute treasure. She’s worked with us for donkeys and as the General Manager at our branch in Westfield, Shepherds Bush she rules all she surveys with such good humour and grace that she’s adored by her team and customers alike. As shy and retiring as she is, we wanted to delve deeper into what makes her tick…

What terrible movie do you love?
Trolls… I don’t think it’s terrible, I think it’s the best movie ever made but everyone laughs at me for it!

What’s your favourite sandwich?
Bacon, obviously!

If you had a giraffe you needed to hide where would you hide it?
If I had a giraffe why on earth would I want to hide it? I’d take it everywhere with me!

Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow why then, oh why can’t I?
But you can, there’s this modern contraption called an aeroplane!

If you ever had to have an alias, what would your name be?
Yeah, I got nothing!

What’s the colour of your toothbrush?
white, it’s electric.

What rhymes with ‘Soho’?
Yo-yo, homo, don’t cha know!

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