Cocktail Recipe

Jaliscan Night

A Jaliscan Night is the Schrodinger’s Cat of cocktails. Just as the cat in the box in Schrodinger’s thought experiment can be thought of as both alive and dead at one and the same time, the Jaliscan Night, with it’s potent mix of El Jimador tequila, agave and activated charcoal, known for all manner of health-giving properties can be thought of as simultaneously healthy and not in the least bit healthy. We’ll wait for science to prove us wrong, but we’re willing to bet that the more of these you drink the better you’re bound to feel…

Cocktail Recipe

35ml El Jimador tequila

50ml activated charcoal

2 dashes angostura bitters

5ml violet liquor

5ml agave


Mixologist: Emma Watson


Graphic Designer Balans Soho Society
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