Lena Lu’s Tattoos


Over the summer, when it’s warm and suddenly there’s a great deal more flesh on display everywhere, you realise how everyone and their dog these days seems to have a tattoo of some description. It is possible, though, to get very tired of the usual Celtic, Latin, Rosary, flower combinations and oh, how we start to long to see something on someone’s arm that’s at least useful – like a recipe for Lasagne, for example, or something as exquisite and arresting as the work of Russian artist Lena Lu.

By combining delicate botanical and insect drawings with the contemporary detritus of objects like cans and crumpled bags she creates tattoos that are both beautiful and dystopian, disturbing and familiar and, thank goodness, for once not the lyrics to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in a wildly flowing and completely unreadable cursive font.


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