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Molly Parkin – A Bohemian’s Rhapsody

They just don’t make ‘em like the fabulous Molly Parkin anymore. With a wardrobe as vibrantly colourful as her paintings, she remains the indomitable embodiment of the Bohemian, somewhat embattled but ultimately triumphant, spirit.

For over 60 years, Molly has been an integral part of London society, reinventing herself over the course of her life as a hat designer, teacher, erotic novelist, chat show celebrity, (which led her to be banned from the BBC for swearing) artist, journalist, poet and editor. All this while at the same time carefully creating and cultivating what is really her greatest project – just being Molly Parkin.

She has also enjoyed an equally famous and prodigious love life with a seemingly endless stream of famous and not so famous lovers (‘Darling, I lost count years ago’, she says). Her first kiss was with Louis Armstrong (‘I felt engulfed…And when Louis Armstrong kisses you, he takes in your nose and mouth, too’). Then there was George Melly and John Mortimer. (‘A clever, clever man, but all that spanking put me off — hours and hours of, “Don’t stop darling, don’t stop.” It hurt my hand and I had children to get up for school.’). There were ’18 or 19′ fiances, 2 husbands, encounters with an entire Welsh Rugby team, Spanish footballers, meat porters at Smithfield Market…the list goes on…
Molly’s welcome at our table any time. Just imagine the stories she’d be able to tell over dinner.

Imagine no more…in this 15 minute clip of her being interviewed by her daughter, Sophie as part of the 15 x 5 series of Soho Stories, Molly recalls her time in the Soho of the 1960s.

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