Allow us to introduce

Mr Varenkamp

For 16 years, man and boy, Danny Varenkamp has presided over our Soho restaurant. There’s nothing he can’t manage so we asked him what he couldn’t manage without…

How are you?

I am good. Still single but happy with how life is treating me right now.

What or who is your weird crush?

I LOVE Bentley’s, (the new versions only). I love the long, bulky but sleek design. First you see the big bulky bonnet and then it takes ages until you see the back. It’s sooooo sexy. And Southern Comfort.  Kissing someone who drinks Southern Comfort is heaven on earth.

What’s your favourite Haribo?

Fruity Frogs. Love the gummy with the soft white underpart.

What song do you sing in the shower?

Anything by Erasure. Blue Savannah sounds best in the shower………so I think. (Lol)

Does water float? 

Who cares! Gin is the world.

What’s your favourite movie? 

Only one!? It’s got to be THE COLOUR PURPLE. My waterworks are on over time every time I watch it.

Graphic Designer Balans Soho Society
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