Time for a TipplePalma Violets

parma cocktail

Several things you probably didn’t know about Palma Violets including one that you probably wish you still didn’t know…

  1. The petals of violets have long been used in herbalism for their medicinal properties.
  2. “Violet tables”, a sugary lozenge flavoured with violets, was made before 1620.
  3. During the 18th century, crushed violet petals, rosewater and sugar were combined to make an early type of confectionery known as flower pastry.
  4. Parma Violet sweets were created in 1946 by the Derbyshire company Swizzels Matlow. They’re hard, biconcave discs, based on similar aniseed confectionery traditionally consumed in India after a spicy meal.
  5. In 2016, Swizzels Matlow released a special Parma Violets flavoured cheese to celebrate their 70th birthday. (This is the one that will doubtless haunt you. Palma Violet flavoured cheese!? Really?)
  6. In Ian Fleming’s James Bond series, hard candies very similar in description to Parma Violets are the favourite sweet of the supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld due to their breath freshening properties.
  7. A 2005 survey reported by The Guardian revealed Parma Violets to be the least popular sweet among Millenials.
  8. Make them into a liqueur and combine with 50ml Violet Liqueur, 35ml Green Mark Vodka,  25ml Lavender Syrup, 12.5ml Aquafaba and 25ml Grape Juice and, thanks to our rock star mixologist, Louis you’ve got a KILLER cocktail.
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