No one likes to have their private information bandied about or given away to all and sundry. We take your privacy extremely seriously at Balans and as you have been kind enough to become a member of our little society we want to reassure you that we do everything in our power to ensure it is kept safe and sound, away from the prying eyes of those who may wish to exploit it.


Data Controller 

Our data controller at Balans Soho Society is our Head of Marketing, Tim Pearce. If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding our privacy practises, how we process your information or if you wish to file a complaint you are able to contact him at or in writing to Head Office, Balans Soho Society, 60-62 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4UG. 


What Information Do We Collect & Why? 

The only information we collect is that which you consent to provide to us when you enrol as a member of Balans Soho Society, when you enter one of our competitions either via our newsletter or on our social media channels. This will be your full name, address, email address and date of birth.

This allows us to set up and administer your membership points’ account which you can access via our website: and to send you a birthday email.  

This also allows us to send you regular marketing and events communications and to carry out polls and surveys as well as internal research and development.

We also collect data (email address and d.o.b.) via our wifi landing page in our restaurants for marketing purposes by consent.


Withdrawing Your Consent 

You are able to withdraw your consent for us to use your information at any time. By either contacting Tim Pearce directly on or by clicking the unsubscribe’ button on the end of our monthly newsletters you will be able to manage the amount of marketing information you will receive from us. 

Should you wish to close your membership completely and receive no further communication for us at all with us please contact directly. Rest assured that any information we hold on you will be immediately expunged from our systems completely, never to be seen again.


Sharing Your Information 

Very, very occasionally we may share your information with very carefully selected partners. We genuinely hate the bucket loads of spam one gets after signing up to something and so we think long and hard about with whom we might share your details. It will only ever be with people, companies or brands that we trust and with whom we have worked in the past. 


Keeping Your Information Secure 

Balans Soho Society takes every measure to securely store your data on servers and web applications that are protected from unauthorised access.

We have in place the appropriate electronic and managerial procedures to protect and secure the data we collect on the website. Any personal information is kept on reputable and secure cloud-based applications. Security procedures include, but not limited to, access controls, firewalls and endpoint protection, browser SSL certification and encryption. However, you should be aware the use of email and the Internet is not entirely secure and we cannot promise the security or integrity of any personal data which is transferred from you or to you via email or the website.

We keep your personal data only for so long as is essential and for the needs for which it was collected. After this we delete your data in a secure way.

If you have any questions about our data security on our website, please email 

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