The Last Word by

Quentin Crisp

Deserving of a place in anybody’s Xmas stocking this year is the new autobiography of the legendary writer, raconteur and lavender-haired dandy, Quentin Crisp. Despite having passed on 18 years ago, the publication of ‘The Last Word’ proves that you can’t keep ‘one of ‘the great stately homos of Old England’ down. Made from a series of spoken word tapes he made with his friend, Phillip Ward in the years leading up to his death, his final memoir is a poignant goodbye to the world.

“I am delighted to finally be able to share ‘The Last Word’ with all of Quentin’s fans throughout the world,” said Phillip Ward. “Quentin was one of a kind. He was a philosopher, an observer of life, a survivor and a beacon of hope for many. In life, his primary mission was the immediate happiness of those around him. He leaves behind a legacy of great importance to the world’s gay and straight communities of which ‘The Last Word’ is his swansong.”

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