Balans - applauded for our pre-theatre cocktails

Notorious for our

breathtaking brunches

Balans seven dials Pre-theatre cocktails

Lose an evening in the
finest way possible

Opening times

Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner - 8am - 11pm, Sunday to Thursday and 8am - 12pm, Friday and Saturday.

Ealing, London

Unit 19, Block G, Dickens Yard, Ealing W5 2TD

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Balans Soho Society

We are Balans Soho Society and we live by the philosophy
that too much of a good thing is a good thing, the best plan
is no plan and that the pursuit of pleasure is a noble one.
Even if the pleasure itself might not be.

Let us banish the jobsworth, the wet blanket, the killjoy.
Those who are easily shocked should be shocked
more often. Let curtains twitch.

All hail the rogue, the rascal and the reprobate. We have a way
of dealing with outsiders: invite them in for a drink.

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