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We’ve had many an artist coming through our doors over the years – performance artists, conceptual artists, piss artists…we’ve been fortunate to have had all manner of creative folk as our guests.

We decided it was high time we celebrated the creative arts at Balans Soho Society by hosting what we hope will become a regular exhibition space at our Soho restaurant to feature some of our member’s work.

We’re very proud to be starting with a show called ‘Retrosexual’ by a new artist called Villain.

His work uses vintage imagery to address contemporary issues of racism, homophobia and body shaming while honouring a rapidly disappearing subculture.

It revels in the cues and cyphers that were once such an important element of gay culture, using the secret language of Polari or the infamous ‘Hanky Code’ to examine current attitudes and behaviours.

Prints of the work are for sale here:

10% of the purchase price will go to The Terrence Higgins Trust.

And if you’re a member of Balans Soho Society and fancy having your artwork adorn our walls at some point in the future do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Contact:


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