Shake Your Groove Thing

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Our favourite ‘go-to’ brand of ice cream and the only one we will even countenance serving in our restaurants, Jude’s has just launched its first range of ready-to-drink, premium milkshakes. We could not be more excited. They offer a flavour experience that ‘isn’t too sweet’ – as if that could possibly even be a thing – a ‘nostalgic milkshake experience for grown-ups’.

Apparently, those lovely people at Jude’s were concerned to get just the right level of sweetness so people can enjoy the whole can in one sitting. We were puzzled by the idea that would ever be a problem too, but bless them for thinking about it…

The range includes three flavours: chocolate, (crafted with an indulgent cocoa blend), flat white coffee, (made with 100% Arabica beans), and salted caramel which recreates the taste of their amazing ice cream. All flavours are available in Sainsbury’s.

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