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Simon Costin Has Designs on Victoria


Simon Costin is the creative mastermind behind the interior design of all our restaurants & bars. We asked him what on earth he was thinking when he worked on our new place in Victoria…

‘Theodore Watt-Dunton’s portrait of the founder of the Pre-Raphaelite movement & noted Bohemian, Dante Gabriel Rossetti served as inspiration for the colour and mood in the design of the new Victoria Balans. There’s a thread of Victoriana running through all of their restaurants but perhaps seen through a glass darkly and preferably one filled with absinthe… As usual, I have collaborated with various artists & makers to reference Balan’s Bohemian Soho roots. The panelled walls have been given a complex paint finish, to echo the walls in the painting. The plush green velvets in the upholstery echo those in the painting with occasional bursts of burnt gold velvet as a nod to the gilt frames over the mantle’.


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