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We would definitely call ourselves vegan-curious at Balans Soho Society. The move to plant-based eating has been sudden and impossible for the restaurant industry to ignore with so many of our guests now interested in going fully vegan or at least wanting to eat less meat-based dishes.

For us, though it’s not about just whacking some vegan dishes on our menu to satisfy demand. It’s about making fantastic, flavoursome food that’s fresh, appealing and not just the same tired old meat-substitute dressed up as a so-called ‘burger’.

We were delighted to discover that there’s a new Lifestyle festival, ‘Plant-Powered Expo’ coming to Olympia London on the 1st and 2nd of February 2020 featuring all sorts of inspirational cooking and products to highlight the extraordinary potential of a plant-based diet. There will be 2 cookery theatres and 235 stalls showcasing targeted, plant-based expertise. 

And once you’ve finished working your way around all of that you can always wander up the road and join us at our restaurant on Kensington High Street to try our own vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Tickets for this exciting event are available from, with lineups of exhibitors, hosts and speakers along with the show guide.

Live life on the veg.

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