‘The Best Burger In London’

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National Burger Day – August 22nd

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? It seems only weeks ago that we were getting the decorations down from the loft and getting ourselves in the holiday spirit. And yet here it is –  National Burger Day already! What a time of unfettered joy and celebration for lovers of all things meaty and bunny it is to be sure.

What is it about burgers? Whether you choose a straightforward high street fast food version or a towering monument to gourmet decadence, they are all, in their own way uniquely satisfying. We’re rather proud of our ‘Infamous’ burger. Always believing in doing one thing really well rather than a load of things half-cocked, we don’t produce dozens of different varieties when it comes to our burgers. We just make the one classic with bacon and cheese, cooked to perfection and served with golden, crispy fries. Some generous folk have described it as ‘the best burger in London’.

We’re far too modest to comment…

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