To Russia With Love

The King Of Soho

The King of Soho

Unlike Morrissey, the miserable bugger, who claimed to hate it when his friends become successful, we actually do a little jig of happiness when our mates are rewarded for their sterling work.


So on hearing about our favourite gin brand, King of Soho and their exciting new deal to start selling in 89 stores in Moscow, we did a routine more than worthy of Susan Calman on ‘Strictly’. Surprisingly, Russians don’t drink much gin. Although they have whole supermarket aisles dedicated to vodka, gin is only drunk by 1% of the population. Entrepreneur, Alex Robson who co-founded the King of Soho brand has lived and worked in Moscow and St Petersburg and as she says, ‘our gin is soft on juniper and has a high presence of citrus botanicals led by grapfruit peel, as well as anegelica and cassia. That means it makes a good martini and we are very keen that it could be drunk neat. That suits the Russians because they like their drink neat in vodka shots. I think it will play to their taste buds, it’s their time for gin and I want to be leading the charge.’

“Будем здоровы!”

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