The Lyrics of Scott Walker

Scott Walker

The work of the enigmatic genius that is the writer, singer and producer Scott Walker is celebrated in a new collection of his lyrics called ‘Sundog’. Inspirational, fascinating and complicated, his startlingly original work has inspired everyone in the music industry who has ever cared about innovation and beauty from Bowie to The Arctic Monkeys. This collection explores the complexities of love and death while giving voice to misfits, outsiders, those on the edges of society. His fraught song poems are experimental, the meaning of his words often elusive.


The novelist Eimear McBride wrote the introduction to ‘Sundog’. It will give you some idea of what to expect. “He will not protect or guide you,” she writes. “He takes no pains to reassure that if the correct procedures are followed, and the necessary obeisance made, one day all meanings will be revealed. Quite the opposite.”

Sundog is published on 11th February. Buy it on the Faber & Faber website to receive a discounted price of £11.99:

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