Twilight Song Ticket Offer

Twilight song ticket offer

Twilight song

Twilight Song Ticket Offer

We’re as happy as clams to announce a very special offer on tickets to see ‘Twilight Song’, a new and final play by one of Britain’s most esteemed playwrights, Kevin Elyot, author of the classic comedy ‘My Night with Reg’.

All Balans Soho Society members booking HERE using the code BALANS will receive a 10% discount on all ‘Band A’ tickets from July 12th – 20th.

Starring the very lovely Adam Garcia, Bryony Hannah, (from ‘Call the Midwife’) and Paul Higgins, (from ‘Line of Duty’), ‘Twilight Song’ traces one family’s hidden liaisons over half a century to the present day. A mysterious stranger turns up in their past and their present – could he be the missing piece of the jigsaw they’ve been yearning for?

Directed by Anthony Banks, it has its World Premiere at Park Theatre and runs from 12th July to 12th August.

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