Open a musical in London called ‘Waitress’ and it’s bound to pique some interest on the part of anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant – even if it’s only to see how many people who have ever done so have felt like singing and dancing during a busy shift. Spending hours on your feet, carrying plates, filling glasses and being a gracious host, it seems unlikely somehow. So ‘Waitress’ is hardly a hard-hitting documentary looking at the real lives of those tireless, indefatigable, diligent souls who only live to serve. You want truth then go and watch Ken Loach. You want harmless, feel-good, exuberant fun with attractive people bouncing about the stage, throwing unnecessary amounts of flour everywhere and writing their own ‘personal recipe for happiness’ then you could do worse than to give in to the toe-tapping charm of Sara Bareilles’ show.

But the real reason Balans Soho Society recommends ‘Waitress’ is to see the comic genius that is the hilarious Jack McBrayer, otherwise known as Kenneth on Tina Fey’s sit-com ’30 Rock’ playing Ogie in the show. He’s worth the price of admission alone.


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